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“Measurable bottom-line results are part of our process…’’

9.8% revenue growth

Transforming Sales Capability

“… helped us to understand our sales skills landscape, and then transform our sales capability through targeted learning interventions and hiring great talent… one of the few partners that helped MTN to achieve a 9.8% revenue growth in the first two quarters of 2019.” MTN Executive; IKM client since 2007

The Company

Industry: Telecommunications
Services Offered: GSM-related products and internet services
Locations, Africa: Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Eswatini, Uganda, Zambia
Locations, International: Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Yemen
Number of employees: 17 510
Annual Revenue: US$ 15.43 Billion

The Challenge – Underperforming Sales

MTN reported a decrease in total revenues for 2017 and 2018. With the ever-changing digital landscape and volatility in the market, MTN needed to understand what success looks like within the current world of sales.

1. Sales resources were not reaching targets and there was no clear path to which competencies were needed to drive new sales.
2. Inaccurate data on the skills of existing salespeople.
3. Ineffective learning and development strategy to upskill sales capability.

The Transformation Process in 3 Steps

1. What does MTN sales success look like? The first step was to analytically discover, with MTN and its strategic partners, what success looks like within their industry and sales domain. Using IKM tech we identified 16 technical competencies and specific behavioral traits. From this, we created a sales success profile for MTN.

2. Which skills are needed for that success? Here meaningful and accurate people data was crucial. For this step, we conducted a skills validation cycle for all 580 salespeople across all 21 countries. This then became the DNA blueprint for future learning, development, and hiring.

3. What specific learning and upskilling will drive results? We partnered with IQ Business Group to build a Sales Academy at various levels – bronze, silver, gold, and platinum – each with specific learning interventions. Individual learning plans, mapped to the above assessments, were then put in place to drive the future of the MTN sales process.

The Results

9.8% Increase in revenue; first two quarters, 2019
85% Improvement in hiring the right sales talent
30% Reduction in Learning & Development costs

> $500,000 p.a. on bottom-line savings
Transforming Recruitment

“… they streamlined, reduced time wastage, and enhanced our recruitment process with their expert consultation and custom assessments. They were a critical partner which enabled our talent strategy to redeploy, repurpose and manage our resources… instrumental in increasing our talent capability.” Marion, HR Executive, IKM client since 2013

The Company

Industry: Financial Services/Banking
Services Offered: Commercial Banking, Currency Exchange, Insurance, Investment Banking, Wealth Management
Locations, Africa: South Africa, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda
Locations, International: UK, Argentina, Isle of Man, Jersey, Turkey, Russia
Number of employees: 54,700
Annual Revenue: US$ 8.61 Billion

The Challenge

After Standard Bank implemented the Agile Methodology (New Ways of Working), a total of 15 new roles emerged, with unique competencies needed for each role. The following issues arose:

1. The competency library was outdated lacking the skillsets needed for the 15 new roles.
2. The screening process was inefficient and wasteful, due to incorrect job descriptions and the absence of associated assessments.
3. The wrong talent was being hired, a serious negative financial impact.
4. The competency profile was incorrect, and no strategic plan was in place to develop new talent to fill the skills gap.

The Fix in 4 Steps

1. Competency library updated; working with Standard Bank’s top SMEs in various job families we updated the technical competency library over three months.

2. 15 new job descriptions added; using the updated competency dictionary and mapping these competencies to customised assessments.

3. New HR recruitment process & standard established; using the updated competency dictionary and mapping assessments to job roles.

4. LinkedIn learning content aligned: Together with the Standard Bank HR team we mapped LinkedIn Learning to the bank’s custom assessments.

The Results

164% increase in competency identification and mapping
90% improvement in the hiring process
> US$ 500,000 p.a. saving on bottom-line spending by hiring the right talent
80% Improvement in the learning and development process for 15 roles

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