PeopleROI as a Strategy


Your DNA blueprint for a SkillSet + JobRole match

Developing a Tech DNA and Culture is easy once you have analysed which IT skills, attitudes, and competencies your business needs for sustainable growth. Our clients use our assessment tools and services at many levels.

Whether you need your tech platform to escalate workflow, grow profits, drive sales, upskill people, implement a new strategy… our process provides deep insights into the fit-for-purpose skills and capabilities needed.

Hire the Best: custom assessments decode the DNA of your successful people and provide the data to map a role + culture fit for new talent hires.

Boost Retention: enhance employee feelings of happiness and fulfilment with targeted learning and career development based on individual competencies and continuing performance analytics. “This is my place; I can grow here…”

Make Better Decisions: uncover the data needed to make intelligent and timeous decisions and improve productivity, success and confidence. “I can trust the data, I can make the decision…”

Create a Culture of Accountability: transparency and insight into the proficiency of skills and KPIs. Simple and easily understood data visualisations with mapped learning interventions, enable employees to take accountability for personal improvement aligned with your business objectives. “I make this choice, this is my life, I can improve here…”

Reduce Time Wastage: hire more efficiently with standardised result interpretation benchmarked against current successful talent. And grow exponentially with career learnings mapped to areas of KPI improvement.

Where are you now?
We start with a five-step skills audit to find out where you are now. We align your current skill set with the skill set needed for your new world of business. We identify the gaps.

Where do you want to go? We are now left with a DNA blueprint that aligns skills with strategic objectives – an in-depth understanding of how you need to redeploy wasted talent, where you need to upskill, and most importantly what learnings are needed for that upskill. Lastly, your DNA blueprint gives you the exact skills criteria needed for recruiting new talent.

In a nutshell
1. Measure incoming talent (talent acquisition)
2. Measure existing talent (identify skills gap at employee, group, and organisational level)
3. Recommend and develop ongoing training to upskill (bespoke learning labs mapped to assessment outcome)
4. Measure ongoing skill and competency growth
5. Monitor and report on success (ROI)

What gets measured gets managed.” Peter Drucker

When transformation is no longer an option.